red tie

My city, I cannot deny her

She is my lover, and I am her Spirit

[just prompts] January 1-15

He doesn't have just one pet, he has several.

Funny, he's like that crazy cat lady everyone always talks about. The one down the street in the shady area with dozens of cats living indoors and the slight stench of feline in the air. She's rarely seen and when you do happen to get a glance of her, you seriously wish you hadn't.

No, Spirit wasn't like that at all. For one, he wasn't crazy, and he wasn't a lady. Sure, he had a lot of cats living with him, but they served a purpose. They had a job. It just so happened that these, once stray, cats were doing such a good job at keeping the place rid of rats, he often supplied them with an additional treat; kitty kibbles.

Like him, they had nowhere else to go once they'd been forced to live a second, or maybe fifth, seventh even ninth, life and when they ventured into Wildwood Cemetery, he supplied them shelter, a job, and food. It was only fair he re payed them for their hard work and companionship. And since being all alone, his identity kept a secret to all but two people, his kitty friends made great listeners for the stories he had to tell.

[six word stories] 002
"She pushed me out a window!"

[six word stories] 001
"If they only had a brain."


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